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          Diversity Education & Learning





          To be a truly inclusive and welcoming campus it is crucial that we recognize the importance of a growth mindset for all members of our community. Whether administrators, faculty, staff, or students, we are challenged to continue to evolve alongside our campus community. Academic freedom and social justice are not mutually exclusive. Together we can create a learning environment that respects and honors both. Though we often view diversity and inclusion as natural societal progressions, the process of diversification as well as the resulting cultural shifts can provide concrete challenges for everyone involved. 全球多元化 & Inclusion would like to meet you where you are on this journey. 


          The credo "Let Knowledge Serve the City" recognizes Portland State University's commitment to its students and community. A crucial component of this commitment is the ongoing support and revitalization of those who make service possible. Your institution is providing a concrete opportunity for you to expand your knowledge base, broaden your reach and increase your impact. 全球多元化 & Inclusion invites you to serve yourself in order to better serve the city.


          请访问我们的 寻求多元化教育 页查看我们目前的厂房!


          全球多元化 & Inclusion is developing diversity education offerings addressing a variety of needs and experience levels. We will partner with campus colleagues to share the wealth of expertise that our campus has to offer. In addition, we hope to serve as a clearinghouse connecting you to relevant speakers and existing educational opportunities around campus. Through a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge-based approaches, our overarching goal is to cultivate a culture of praxis (a synergy of theory and practice) that allows us to live and embody the diversity that we so often talk about.

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